Apple have released iOS 7

Overnight we ticked over to Wednesday in the US, and with it came the latest release of Apple’s iOS software. What is iOS you may ask? iOS is the software that drives your iPhone, iPad and iPod touch devices. The latest release is a fairly significant one as it brings with it a big change in the the look and feel of the software. The new interface is more sleek, simple and clean. It brings the dating iOS interface into line with current trends seen in other devices such as the Samsung Galaxy S4.

Other than the obvious face-lift there are quite a few changes under the hood that provide some much needed functionality to the sometimes limiting software. Perhaps the most useful, (and somewhat android like) is the new Control Centre.

The new iOS7 Control Centre

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The Control Centre puts simple and regularly access tasks, such as music control, torch, calculator, camera, Bluetooth and WiFi control in one convenient place. This is something that Android users have been enjoying for quite some time, so it is great to see Apple come to the party on this.

Other notable features that Mac users will be rejoicing over is the inclusion of some very familiar tools such as AirDrop and Keychain. AirDrop allows you to send files to those near you at the flick of a button. It does the rest for you via Wifi or Bluetooth. Other new additions include multi-tasking, new camera features and filters, Siri has become a bit more useful and some much needed updates to the safari internet browser. All in all it looks to be a great update that brings some much needed functionality to the iOS platform. However, before you go and update you iOS device, read this article on cnet that contains some very useful tips in preparing yourself and your device for the new update. ->

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