Get more life out of your laptop!

Happy Monday!

Perhaps one of the most precious commodities to a laptop / notebook user is battery life! How many times have you been in an airport or at a cafe burning time before that flight or next appointment, your laptop is about to take an untimely power nap and you cannot for the life of you locate a power point? Well turns out the good people at Microsoft would like to help you squeeze every little bit out of your Windows 7 laptop as possible.

Windows 7 has a great little hidden tool that can provide you with an energy report on your computer. It has a couple of steps, but provides great insight into areas where you can conserve battery to get more out of you laptop.

First step is to open up command prompt. To do this simply click on the start menu, and in the “search programs and files” box type “cmd” then press enter, as shown below.

One the command window opens simply type the following text into the window and press enter

powercfg -energy -output %userprofile%\Energy_Report.html

See below for an example:

Windows will then sit there for 60 seconds examining the computer and analyse the power settings and consumption. When finished you will see file on your desktop called Energy_report.html. When you open this file it lists areas of convern and other power related information.


It may seem a little confusing at first, but it does do is provide recommendations as to things you can change to gain better battery power efficiency out of your laptop. Hey it also makes you that little bit greener!