How the cloud worked for our clients during the floods of 2011

The possibility of losing invaluable files and intellectual property is enough to send any business owner into a spin.  Our client, an accounting firm in east Brisbane, thick of the wave of water damage, never had to entertain the thought of losing access to financial records for thousands of customers because they were all in the cloud.

During that stressful time, no data was lost, and all staff were immediately able to relocate and work remotely, with full access to all information and software.  It was a seamless transition, and similarly simple to return to premises once nature started to behave.

The alternative just doesn’t bear thinking about.

Chris Herbert is a self confessed nerd and an expert in the field of small to medium business IT solutions. With experience ranging from small IT integrators to large multi-national enterprise, he has a wide breadth of knowledge in the information technology industry.