Internet Dooms Day!

You may have heard of the internet dooms day virus better known as the DNSChanger that has been lurking for about a year now around the internet. In November 2011, the FBI discovered the malware criminals that had infected well over half a million computers worldwide. So what does this malware do? Essentially, the malware modified settings on the affected computer to intercept internet requests from the unassuming user, essentially allowing them to capture every piece of information sent and received from your computer over the internet. In addition to capturing this information the hackers servers could also issue advertising (as a means of payment for the hackers) and potentially other malware.

The FBI placed a work around to allow infected users to continue to use the internet after they shut down the hackers webs servers. The problem now is they are going to shutdown the work around, essentially cutting off internet access to anyone still infected by the software. Fortunately there is a very simple way to test if you have been affected. If you goto the ACMA website here ->

This website will quickly identify if you will be affected at approximately 2pm AEST today. If your computer has been identified as being infected, the best thing you can do is have the computer completely reinstalled from the ground up to ensure no trace of the malware is left on your computer.

There are other options for the more advanced user to remove the infection and these can be found on the DNS Changer working group website here ->

Stay safe and remember, the best cure for all internet security related threats is having the right protection.


Chris Herbert is a self confessed nerd and an expert in the field of small to medium business IT solutions. With experience ranging from small IT integrators to large multi-national enterprise, he has a wide breadth of knowledge in the information technology industry.