Microsoft Launches Windows 8

Today Microsoft has launched their latest version of their flagship product, Windows 8. The completely revamped interface and design is a very solid attempt to take on the highly Apple dominated tablet market. Whilst Windows 8 is essentially a PC operating system upgrade from Windows 7, the new design and interface lends itself perfectly to tablets and note book cross overs finally bridging the gap between desktop and mobility devices that Microsoft have long missed the mark on.

Microsoft boss Steve Ballmer likens the new Windows to bringing together the best of PC and tablet in one place. The launch hitting the ground in 140 countries world wide and in 27 languages is certainly going to make an impact.

Windows RT is a new flavour for the Microsoft Windows steam of products. It comes pre-installed on selected tablet devices including Microsoft’s own “surface”. This is a good step in the right direction allowing Microsoft to control both the hardware and software hopefully providing a far cleaner, stable experience for the end user. The new Surface set to hit the shelves at $499 US, is aimed directly at the similarly priced full size iPads.

Time will tell as to how much Microsoft can claw back from Apple, but pre-sales do look good with Microsoft reporting a 40 percent increase over its predecessor.


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