Moving Gmail/Google Apps Signature

I recently decided to move my email/contact/calendaring/mobility solution from Microsoft Office 365 exchange based to Google Apps for Business. I must admit I took some convincing by many of my industry colleagues to leave the warm blanket of familiarity that was my Microsoft solution. In the end the decision was made pretty clear when my CRM and support system WORKetc created a gmail widget allows me to attach emails to support cases and a miriad of other items in my crm directly from the interface, more on that in another post, i digress.

So I have been on Google apps for business for about a week and one thing that had really been bothering me was the placement of the signature when replying to emails. It would place the signature at the bottom of the email, which of course was not useful at all. Turns out there is a VERY simple fix for this. Once logged into gmail, simply click on the little cog in the top right to access your settings panel. From there click on labs and scroll down to signature tweaks and click enable, Voilà! Problem solved :)

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