Up in the air about the cloud?

Want to know what it all actually means?

Keeping up with technology is almost a full time job in itself.  In order to save you a little bit of time, we have a list of the differences between the more traditional Dedicated Server and the newer trend of Cloud Computing.

Dedicated servers Cloud computing
Physical piece of equipment stored somewhere Virtual environment in a secure purpose built facility, no storage necessary
Large capital setup cost required Limited setup costs
Provider supplies and runs server hardware and applications for you, meaning that server hardware and software requirements need to be managed and maintained Provision of technology-based resources on demand
Upgrades & downgrades require high costs in licensing and hardware Upgrade and downgrade quickly without huge costs
Build for highest possible volume which may be small percentage of usage overall Update capacity on the fly without any forecasting
Lack of scalability or allowance for widely varying usage Allows for variable usage, fully scalable
Forecast required to project volume Simple to tailor for individual requirements
Possible clumsy disaster recovery with a number of variables High availability & easy fast  disaster recovery
Regular monthly fee Fluctuating cost but generally more cost effective than dedicated hosting
Updates result in possible downtime Regular remote hardware updates, no localized hardware issues


Remember to weigh up what is going to be best for you, and your business.

Chris Herbert is a self confessed nerd and an expert in the field of small to medium business IT solutions. With experience ranging from small IT integrators to large multi-national enterprise, he has a wide breadth of knowledge in the information technology industry.